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Facebook advertising is an extremely powerful tool for businesses to take advantage of. There is no other platform on the internet that allows you to target millions of people to the degree that you can with Facebook. You can find people by their interests, location, life events, employment status, education level, income levels among other behaviors such as, “Are they an online shopper?”. Facebook’s marketing platform enables you to create audience groups that you can retarget based on events they triggered. This allows you to be aware of how to best market to them at every step of the engagement process.

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“Building a successful campaign is not as simple as creating one ad to show to a broad audience.”

With an average daily user base of 2.2 billion people, Facebook can easily deliver millions of people to your brand. Knowing how to cost-effectively get in front of this audience is the secret to a successful marketing strategy. In order to reach the full potential of Facebook Advertising, it’s important to understand how to discover the best ad campaign setup as well as the right audience to market to. The majority of successful campaigns involve setting up a series of events to retarget people who have engaged with your brand until ultimately, generating the desired action from the user.

Volsero works with a variety of industries and brand sizes to help them find success. We work closely with you to develop a powerful, optimized Facebook marketing strategy that will drive customer acquisition and revenue. Schedule a call with us today for a free consultation to see how we can help.

Facebook Success Stories

Camping World RV

By building a better shopping experience through dynamic ads they were able to reduce lead costs, resulting in a 3X return on ad spend.


This hair-styling tools retailer increased its return on ad spend by more than 7X using video ads to introduce their brand to new audiences.


This online pet care booking service more than doubled bookings and decreased its cost per booking by 48% using conversion ads.

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